Sonic The Hedgehog is one of the favorite things of Godzilla2014andnext, he is a blue Hedgehog with spines on his back, he wears red shoes and has a gold buckle on the side of both shoes.     
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Sonic The Hedgehog's Sonic 4 pose.

More InfoEdit

He also has a best friend called Tails, he founded tails in many different series/comics and others, but the main was Sonic 2. He founded Tails in a forest with animals, then he asked to be his buddy,Tails gladly accepts, then they went on a adventure to save the animals that Dr.Eggman was trying to kidnap, after that Sonic ment Knuckles, he used to be his Rival/Enemy when Knuckles was tricked by Dr.Eggman. During more of the game Knuckles saw Dr.Eggman stealing the Master Emerald. Knuckles forgave him and Sonic defeated Dr.Eggman's Ship with the Hyper Sonic Transformation, a few years later in the game Sonic Adventure Sonic's Artwork was very well changed, and the Hyper Sonic and Super Emeralds were cancelled and were instead in favor of Super Sonic, through 1999=2013, Sonic had a new game called Sonic: The Lost World, SEGA said there will be returning Sonic Colors Wisp power and new Wisp powers.

Add more details if any missing history is not there.                             
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The Super Sonic transformation.

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