Here are the rules of Godzilla2014andnext Wiki, please read the rules if your doing anything bad. 


1. There are NO cussing or using offensive language in this wiki, you will be kicked or blocked on this wiki.

2. There is no harrasment saying that you think everything is about Godzilla2014andnext, you will get to add your favorite things on this wiki soon,

3. If you are asking "Make me Admin please" It is very annoying and you will not say it again, if you say it 2 times you must look at the Godzilla2014andnext Wiki:Adminastrators page. If you do it a 3rd time, we will ignore your messages, if a 4th time you will be kicked or blocked on this wiki.

4. If you had made Fanon photos of your own and the Founder of the wiki didn't give you acsess, you will be warned, if  again, a second warning, a 3rd time it will be a kick or blocked on this wiki.

5.  Do not harrasment and annoy users on this wiki, saying "Shut up" You will be forced to stay off this wiki for 3 days.

6. There are no pornographic photos, innaporiate photos, text, or anything else will be deleted on this wiki, and if someone finds out who did it, it will be a block.

7. Do not be insult other people if there comment is different.

8. Respect other people, even if they had a bad day.

9. Coming Soon...

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