Bureaucrats are the top of all rights of anyone, execpt, the Founder, Bureaucrats are above everyone else and Admins. Make at least 4000 or 7000 edits, ask the Founder of the wiki and you will be granted Bureaucrat rights.

What can i do when i'm a Bureaucrat?Edit

Bureaucrats can grant any user right, Rollbackers, Chat Moderators, and Adminastrators. But CANNOT Grant Bureaucrat rights nor cancel them, they are the closest workers of the Founder of the wiki, on the other hand they have the exact other rights of Adminastrators, delete pages, protect them, private conferences, and many others.

What happens if i incorrect the responsibillity of a Bureaucrat?Edit

Sadley, if you are doing a bad job, you will automaticaly lose your user rights, if you want to be a Bureaucrat again you can only be a Admin, but not a Bureaucrat, the Founder of the wiki will have a serious talk why you have done a bad job, but if you are doing a horrible job, you may be forced to be off the wiki for 3 days, being a Bureaucrat is a extreme resposibillity than Adminastrators.

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