Adminastrators almost have every abillity to Godzilla2014andnext Wiki. Admins are helpers of the Founder: Godzilla2014andnext, they work with the Founder and work helping this wiki, they can remove nasty comments, rude blogs, disussions and could block any user exepct fellow Admins. You must have at least 2000 or 3000 Edits to be a Admin, ask a Bureaucrat and you will be granted Admin rights.

What can i do when i'm a Adminastrator?Edit

Admins can delete pages, cancel ONLY Chat Moderator rights. Admins can protect pages that are important, highlight discussions, edit rules that are only allowed to Adminastrators, Admins can start a conference that are also only allowed to Admins privtately. They have special features not allowed to others, making a badge, custom text, and many others. But being a Admin takes very serious resposibillity, and cannot make many mistakes

What happens if i incorrect the responsibillity of a Adminastrator?Edit

If you are doing a bad job, the De-Moting for Admins gets harder, 3 Bureaucrats and Godzilla2014andnext get a serious talk about your bad job. Then we move on to the De-Moting, the positive votes end for 5 days, but the negative votes end for 10 days. And you will not get a second chance being a Adminastrator.

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